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Because We Are Different

Than Other Clubs. 

Beach City Health and Fitness is recognized as a "destination" fitness center.  

BCH&F is a combination of beach-influence attitudes and decor, with equipment, classes and trainers you would expect to find in a big city club.  

We are a health club, dedicated to making sure our members get the best information and services to provide a healthy lifestyle.

We are a fitness center, with more options for strength and cardiovascular training than any facility on the island.


We operate with a sense of humor, and a sense of hospitality.  

     People who work out and/or take classes at Beach City H&F are not treated like clients . . . they are treated like members.  After we get to know you a little, we even start treating you like family.


We realize in today's economy comparing membership dues becomes more important than in the past.  When you look at all your options, remember the difference.  

The difference in paying for a cheap club and a quality club is, very simply, quality. 

     So the question becomes -- where will you be most likely to actually go?  Where you exercise needs to be more than the cheapest or the closest . . . it needs to be a destination.  A place where exercise as an experience is enjoyable -- not a chore

If you are an island resident, full or part-time, and want to experience the difference, stop by the club for a tour. We don't have a sales team, so no pressure ever.  Just look us over, and remember -- regardless of the membership option that best suits your needs, the first 30 days are always a "trial".  You can cancel before your first payment. 

We don't want everyone . . . just the ones who value the differences. 

BCH&F Is Consistently Recognized For It's Commitment To Providing

The Best Fitness Facility, Classes, Small Group Training, and Personal Trainers On HHI.




No Enrollment - Simple One-Time Set-Up Fee.

Month-to-Month Only . . . Cancel Any Time.

Special Rates For Siblings.

Includes All Group Exercise Classes.

Ages 12 and Up. 

There's A Party Going On . . .
Fit Just Happens.


Once you come inside you'll realize, we're not like other health clubs.

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